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Andover Auctions
Hampshire Andover Auctions
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Andover Auctions

Andover Auction

Auctions in Hampshire, Weyhill Andover

Andover Auction is a live, General Auction Room, situated in Weyhill on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire. Closely located to the Hampshire and Wiltshire Border, a very good selection of quality items are bought and sold through Andover Auctions on a weekly basis. Andover Auctions hold a sale every Saturday, opening at 8:30 am on the day of the sale for viewings, with the Auctioneer beginning the sale at 10:30 am. Viewings are available all week, and items can be entered every day until the day of the sale.

Andover Auctions has a low 15% commission for buyers and sellers, items of higher value maybe subject to negotiable rates of commission. To enter an item into Andover Auctions in Hampshire, simply contact us by telephone, or drop in to see us. We will provide an estimate of what we expect the items, or, if they are small enough to carry, simply bring them to Weyhill at any point during Monday to Friday 10 am - 6 pm, and we will provide an estimate and place a reservation on the items on your behalf.

So what kind of things can we sell / buy?

Anything. Of value. Being a general auction, with a fast turnover of items, if it has a value, we can sell it. Antiques are always fast to sell, with collectibles Toys such as Dinky Cars always hot off the mark. Gold, Silver and Jewellery sell exceptionally well, and you can expect to obtain more for your jewellery than any scrap-merchant will offer, as dealers will bid against each other for your valuables. Garden Machinery, Lawn Mowers, Washing Machines, Household Furniture, Rugs, Porcelain & China, Artwork, Glass, Bikes, Motorbikes, Cars & Caravans - with such a HUGE array of items accepted, Andover Auctions is a busy and quirky place to buy, for your home, or to re-sell online.

Andover Auctions in Hampshire can arrange collections and deliveries for buyers and sellers throughout Hampshire, by simply speaking with the Auctioneer. House cleearences and general valuations are also undertaken, please contact Andover Auctions for more information. See you on Saturday!

Andover Auction Rooms, Unit 1 OYO Business Units, (Near The Fairground), Weyhill, Andover, SP11 0QH